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Getting ready for a trip to China? We bet that one of the places on your route is Hong Kong. It is a special administrative region that maintains its own government and economics. This place is a must-visit as Eastern and Western cultures blend here, creating an amazing cultural fusion.

An experienced tourist knows that the renminbi (Chinese currency) is not accepted in Hong Kong. This administrative region sets its own rules, issuing currency named Hong Kong dollars. Get ready for your trip beforehand, exchanging as many HKD as you need to live grandly in one of the most expensive cities in the world. If you feel that trip to Hong Kong is beyond your purse, think about the alternative ways of getting money.

Here at VIP Doc Service, we strive to bring value to our clients, offering them fake HK banknotes at a reasonable rate. Yep, you got it right! You can now opt for forged notes online and safely use them for your daily purchases. No risk is involved as we use high-grade paper and equipment to make our counterfeits undetectable.

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Our store should be the first thing that springs to your mind when you think about getting a fast buck. Why spend days and nights at work when you can buy thousands of fake Hong Kong dollars online? At VIP Doc Service, you can get any sum at fire-sale prices. Our forged bills feature all the required security wiles like watermarks, intaglio printing, see-through registers, and special foil elements. One will never spot fake HK banknotes from the VIP Doc Service store at first glance. They look and feel like real money issued by the government. You’re free to use our bills everywhere in Hong Kong. They are accepted at grocery stores, beauty and SPA salons, gas stations, theaters, museums, restaurants, and public transport. You can buy Hong Kong dollars online and mix them with the real bills to reduce the chances of being spotted to a minimum.


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